Multi-camera and Electronic Field Production for any budget.

Produce a broadcast-quality recording of your event, or create television-style programming from any location. Our team has experience creating high-quality multi-camera productions in a variety of environments and at a variety of budget levels.

We've filmed theatre productions, produced sports programming, made educational content, created gameshows, delivered news broadcasts and more

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Theatre Productions Stand-Up Comedy Live Sports Panel Discussions Keynote Presentations Television Production Gameshows News & Talk Shows and more...

Theatre Pro-Shots

We can produce professional multi-camera recordings of any play, musical or stand-up show. This isn't an archival recording - we'll work with your production team to deliver a broadcast-quality recording that's suitable for streaming or on-demand sales. Or, create clips for social media and marketing to drive ticket sales. Introduce your production to new audiences and expand access to fans worldwide.

Educational Content

Create online courses, video training, seminars and other educational content for your in-house team, or to sell to the general public. Use professional graphics, video packages, pieces to camera and digital whiteboards to create engaging and information-dense videos. Make learning fun, easy and entertaining.

Sports Production

Produce your live event or show from anywhere. With experience at events of all sizes, our team can produce, engineer and broadcast your programme to thousands. Originate a production from any location, or create a distributed programme with guests from all over the world. We can produce live streams for online viewers on any platform, or integrate with traditional broadcast workflows.

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